What is Making a Positive Impact With Your Wealth all About?

You Can Achieve Your Financial Goals AND Help Improve Society and the Environment

Making a Positive Impact with your wealth is all about achieving your financial goals while at the same time helping to improve society and the environment.

For example, you could invest in a mutual fund, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), Bond, Stock, or other investment vehicle, where the investments held are actively reducing their carbon footprint.

Whereas other companies could be developing more effective human rights policies, or overcoming gender gaps in their leadership ranks.

Furthermore you have the power to invest in a manner that excludes companies that earn money from gambling, pornography, and tobacco.

This can, and often does mean excluding companies in certain sectors, such as Oil and Gas, but it also means including those companies seeking to make a change in their world. Companies seeking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel production, perhaps creating their own self-reliance on Solar or Wind Power.d

“Couples, families and individuals are taking more time to get to know where their investment dollars are being spent. We can help you with some of that research. – Brett Harrington

Making a Positive Impact is all about voting for change with your money,

feeling great about it, and also investing in a more profitable manner long-term. Morningstar stated; “”Like any investment approach, sustainable investing will not always outperform over short-term periods.

But over the longer term, ESG insights can help investors develop a more complete picture of a company, one not reliant only on financial indicators,”1.

Jim Lumberg, co-founder and executive vice president at Envestnet, a financial data provider, says that: “while the “academic world had debunked” the belief that ESG investing leads to sub-par returns, many investors are still wary.

As environmentally and socially conscious funds have often outpaced their peers, frequently with lower volatility, that attitude may continue to shift.” [2.]

Therefore, making a positive impact is all about seeking outperformance, attempting to lower risk, while investing in a manner that makes us feel good, and helping to build a better future for our world, both environmentally and socially.

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