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At Binbrook Finance, We Have a Value-Driven Vision of the Future

Our mission is to simplify the confusing world of investing. With a focus on environmental and social responsibility, we help our clients worry less, live more, and have a positive impact with their wealth.

Meet Brett Harrington

Investment Advisor, iA Private Wealth
Insurance Advisor, iA Private Wealth Insurance

Brett is the Owner of Binbrook Finance. His vision for value-based ESG investing is the foundation of our mission.

As an investment and insurance advisor, I firmly believe there is an enormous opportunity to shape our world with investments. Wealth is influence. Having a strategic vision and seeing the industry disruptions that are already taking place is vital. Such insight not only positions the investor for increase but also has a positive impact on the environment. My clients stay ahead of the curve as I provide a high-level plan for their finances.

Professionally, I help my clients worry less so that they can live more. I help them clarify their goals and values and become the CEO of their wealth, with our help as their personal CFO. Once they adopt The 4 Pillars of Wealth Management, their finances will become properly integrated, and they lay the foundation for a strong and stable “You Inc.”

But it doesn't stop there. Our investors are socially responsible; they care about the companies their investment dollars are supporting. We help them pull back the curtain to truly understand where their investment dollars are being spent. With a renewed sense of responsibility and knowledge our investors make clear decisions to support and shape our environment and the social fabric of the society we live.

Brett's Passion . . .

I am the father of three children. I am passionate about fitness, dogs, nature, photography, the outdoors, conservation, cooking, and more. 

and Values

I put my time and resources into what I value, such as trailblazing and tree-planting with my teenage sons. I’m proud of my 15+ year involvement with the Glanbrook Conservation Committee.

Vision for the Future

As specialists in environmental and socially responsible investments, at Binbrook Finance, we work together to help grow our clients’ wealth and maintain their financial security without compromising their values.

We envision a world where value-based investment influences pension funds and corporate policy decisions, and where socially responsible wealth strategies are considered the most profitable.

Investing choices don’t have to be either profitable or value-based. At Binbrook Finance, we see them as being able to co-exist.

Put us to work to make your vision for the future a reality. Let’s start a conversation.

How We Started

Brett Harrington began as an Investment Advisor in 1993, after completing a Bachelor of Commerce at McMaster University, with a focus in Finance.

Binbrook Finance was born, out of the desire to combine Brett’s passion for conservation and the outdoors, with his skills in finance and investing. 

With the goal of taking advantage of long-term investment trends that support building a better planet, Binbrook Finance is helping individuals, families and businesses through Four Pillars of Financial Management to better understand the difference we can make by voting with our money. 

Brett loves helping people, professionally and personally. You will see him around the community, from the Glanbrook Conservation Committee, to coaching soccer, track and field, or running websites and Facebook groups for community organizations, Brett’s heart for service is evident.

Our Environment Matters

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