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Socially Responsible Investments

Four Pillars of Wealth Management and Education

You Value the Environment.
Why aren't you investing that way?

We know that wealth brings influence.

How are you investing your influence?

  • More than being a conscientious consumer, are you investing in companies that actively influence the world you’d like to see?
  • Worse than that, are your investments directly supporting companies that are opposed to your values?


You need an expert in your corner who shares your values and has a plan to achieve your goals.

At Binbrook Finance, we understand your financial goals and can ensure they align with your values for environmental and social responsibility.

It’s Time To Invest Differently

Create a Long-Term Plan
Generational wealth will be impacted by the choices you make today. Without a plan, you are much more likely to fall short. Goals must be defined and managed. We help you clarify your goals, grow your wealth, and positively impact the environment using the Four Pillars of Wealth Management.

Coordinate Advisors
All of the financial professionals working for you need to be working together toward the same goal. To meet your financial goals, we will provide a clear plan for you to share with your financial team as necessary. As your personal CFO advisor we take care of the whole picture, keeping your high-level goals in mind, increasing the probability of your success.
Advance Your Values
It's time to invest differently. Disruptive changes in the world are inevitable. Making responsible investments not only feels good it's a profitable strategy for the future.
Use your wealth influence to make a difference with the environment and socially responsible decision makers. Match your dollars invested with your values.

Why Binbrook Finance?


of investors genuinely want to align their money with their value for environmental responsibility.

But Only


of investment advisors focus on environmental and socially responsible investments.

Combine that with

Pillars of Wealth Management  to use your wealth influence to advance your values.

At Binbrook Finance,  founder, Brett Harrington combines years of financial skills with his life-long passion for the environment right here in Hannan.

Values-aligned investing is our core strategy.

*Source: Desjardins SOM Investor Web Survey, held from November 25 to December 14, 2020, Lead the way RI Certification Program, Desjardins Webinar, November 2021

Creating a better world with the impact of your money matters to us.

Brett Harrington began as an investment advisor in 1993. He loves helping people, professionally and personally. From moderating Facebook groups, coaching soccer, and track and field, to running websites and helping the local high school, Brett’s heart for service is evident.

An avid lover of the outdoors, he has always been involved in nature through hiking, biking, and bird watching. in 2005, the Glanbrook Conservation Committee approached Brett to get involved in their efforts.

Spending quality time trailblazing with his two sons is priceless. “I enjoy being outside and teaching the next generation how important it is to build and maintain trails, etc,” says Brett.

Brett has used his expertise in the area of finance to bring the two worlds together. His love for nature and financial expertise come together in his consulting and teaching. It is his goal to create an education movement of people who understand the need to influence pension funds and investment responsibility.

Brett’s Commitment to the Environment in Numbers

Trees Planted
Trail Maintained
0 +
Nesting Box Kits Supplied to Schools, Scouts, Guides
0 +
Years with Glanbrook Conservation Committee

How we serve our clients


We focus on the Four Pillars of Wealth Management

Building a solid financial foundation.


We help you become your own CEO of You Inc.

Using the Four Pillars of Wealth Management as a foundation, we help you to become your own CEO by walking you through the process – from goal setting to the finished plan. Like a quarterback, we can act as your CFO, to get all the financial players on your team working from the same playbook to execute your wealth strategy.


We provide educational opportunities

We provide educational opportunities for businesses and individuals that teach you to align your financial world with your passion for environmental and social responsibility. Knowledge is power. We equip you to make conscious and impactful investment choices.


We support you with tools to make better decisions

Planning for the future is all about perspective.  We’ve curated a process to help you understand the basics of securing your financial future with resources and tools to support you throughout your journey. 

  • The Link Between is a resource to help you protect your financial future (subscribe to get all updates)
  • Our Tools (20+ tools and growing) will help you stay on track
    • Net Worth Calculator
    • Cash Flow Calculator
    • Savings Growth Calculator
    • Debt Consolidation Calculator
    • Exploring Life Insurance Options

Managing Your Investments Just Got Simpler

Clients receive access to the iA Private Wealth Client Portal.

Never worry about losing a document again. With personal access to the “The Client Portal”, you have more control, clarity, and confidence in your financial decisions. “The Client Portal” provides live access to your investments when you need them.

Investors We Help

Our clients choose to invest in a manner that aligns with their values.
Whether you are an individual, a business owner, or both, your wealth will make a positive impact.

Individuals and Families

Socially responsible investors take special care in knowing their wealth supports investments that align with their values. They demand more from their investments than just making their money grow. We provide the Four Pillars of Wealth Management planning to meet all of your value-based goals through all life events - present and future.

Business Owners

We understand the complexities of business. We create strategies for taxes, health, succession planning, disability/critical insurance, and more. We craft a plan that maintains the strength of your business for the long haul and aligns with your socially conscious brand.

Where Are The Markets Going Today?

Be the first to get Brett’s ESG Advisor News, with his latest articles and information about upcoming webinars.  Environmental and Socially Responsible Investment Solutions.

How We Help

Let's Have a Conversation

Relationships are the heart of our business. Tell us about your goals and plans.
We'll find out if we are a good fit to work together. Our business is built on trust.

Book An Appointment

This is where we'll dig into your goals and financial needs. We'll hammer out a plan and commit it to paper. Your high-level strategy will be available to share with all parties on your financial team as you deem necessary.

Live Your Strategy

With your strategies in place, you can be confident that your wealth influence is positively impacting the world. Your values are matched to your financial plan giving you peace of mind.


"Brett has handled the major portion of our investments for the past 12 years, even prior to his position at IA. Over these years he has always respected our sensitivity to major market fluctuations and has never pressured us to invest in anything outside our comfort zone. His advice has always been thoughtful and calculated. Brett has also always been very responsive with quick replies to our emails and telephone calls. "
Simone and Graham Webb
"Having invested with Brett for most of my adult life and having followed him throughout his career, I am confident that I will never let anyone else handle my investments and securities. Brett has always been open, upfront, responsible, and most of all honest when it comes to letting me know about upcoming market changes/trends, how best not only to grow my wealth but also how to protect my gains in times of uncertainty. "
David Kilpatrick
"I first met Brett back in 2006, when I was looking for someone who I could trust with my severance and company released pension funds. Brett was recommended as a person who would listen and offer suggestions but at the end of the day comply with my wishes. Later, my husband transferred his portfolio to Brett to handle, as he was impressed with his investment capabilities. Brett has done a wonderful job of keeping our funds as safe as possible during the many rocky stock market rides and he is always researching opportunities for growth. We are very happy with his services and look forward to continuing our relationship."
Gillian Manifold-Burgess and Ed Burgess
"I have been a client of Brett Harrington for over a decade. Brett has an excellent knowledge of all financial markets. The regular updates and reporting from Brett have always been excellent. Brett carefully structured my portfolio to meet my risk tolerance. Most importantly my yearly rates of return have always exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Brett, for all your help and guidance over the years."
John Mastrangelo

Invest Your Influence Well

Having goals and values incongruent with your financial and investment planning is leading you down the wrong path. Stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of finance.

No matter what your level of investment experience, you will come out with a better understanding of the 4 Pillars of Wealth Management and will have a financial strategy that fulfills your core values. Your money will be put to work in ways that are environmentally and socially responsible.

Peace of mind, making a difference in the environment, and aligning your personal and business decisions will be financially rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.  Investors and decision makers are using these non-financial indicators more and more to analyse risks and to identify  growth opportunities.  

RI is short form a lot of different things (like RI, Rhode Island or RI,  Residual Income) for our purposes as investors we use RI to describe Responsible Investing.   RI is the consideration of environmental, social and governance factors when considering investments.

[January 2021]

iA Wealth, the wealth management division of iA Financial Group,  announced the launch of iA Private Wealth, a new brand identity that replaces the iA Securities and HollisWealth brands and unifies iA Wealth’s IIROC1 wealth management business.

As part of this change, iA Wealth’s capital markets division, formerly operating under the iA Securities brand, will now be known as iA Capital Markets.

iA Private Wealth
A nationwide network of over 500 independent, entrepreneurial Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager teams, iA Private Wealth is defined by its unwavering commitment to helping Canadian individuals, families and business owners achieve their financial goals through comprehensive, tailored wealth planning solutions. With over $40 billion in assets under administration, iA Private Wealth is the partner of choice for discerning investors across Canada.

“Our new name better reflects our place in the market and the highly personalized, holistic approach to wealth management our advisors take with each of their clients. It also highlights the strength, stability and trust that our parent company, iA Financial Group, has built over more than 125 years of serving the financial needs of Canadians,” said Sean O’Brien, Executive Vice President, iA Wealth. “Importantly, the unification of our IIROC business under the iA Private Wealth brand allows us to drive a more efficient, collaborative and aligned culture across our wealth division, further enhancing our ability to attract and support the most respected and accomplished advisor teams in the country.”


To learn more, visit

The client portal is a great way for us to communicate back and forth securely and with confidence.  Never worry about losing a document again. With personal access to the “The Client Portal”, you have more control, clarity, and confidence in your financial decisions. “The Client Portal” provides live access to your investments when you need them.  To learn more about the required information needed in the registration process, please refer to this quick access guide.

Socially responsible investing (SRI) can make a difference in our lives, our society and our environment, without compromising on performance!

It is possible to invest in companies that respect your values and whose work helps to build a sustainable world for you and your family. SRI funds have to meet specific investment criteria that:

  • Take environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into consideration, as well as financial analysis.
  • Combine the best of both worlds: superior growth potential and positive social and environmental impact.


Contact Brett Harrington at Binbrook Finance to discuss SRI solutions for your financial goals, your retirement, your children’s studies and more. A perfect balance between your values and your financial goals, whatever your budget!

SOURCE: The Benefits of our SRI (Inhance) Funds


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Then contact Brett – We would love to discuss your investment needs and will build a custom plan just for you, your family or your business.

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